The toy library is preparing for re-opening on Friday, September 20 2013 fro 10:00 - 11:30 am.   We hope to see lots of returning families and some new families.  This year, the toy library will be operated as a co-operative, sharing the duties of opening and lending toys.  Depending on the needs of the families, we can adjust the time to meet in the evening, or continue with the Friday morning schedule.  For now, Friday mornings it is.  

If you are cleaning out your toys and looking for a place to donate your toys to, the Toy Library will accept washable (no plush) toys as long as all, or at least the vast majority of pieces are intact and the toy is useful and fun.  i.e., if it is something you wouldn't want to borrow from a toy lending library, then likely it is not useful to us either.  

We are very grateful for all the toys we have received from families over the years, and hope to expand our toy base over the course of the winter.  

Membership fees are $20 for the term or $30 for September until May long weekend.  The toy library follows t

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